Thursday, November 19, 2009

Naima Exchange Goes to Springdale, AR.

'Convenient' roadside bathroom

I left for my first out of town Naima Exchange shortly after 7am on Saturday morning. I made it to Springdale a bit before 10am for our class at the Library. We had a nice private room that had a small raised stage. I spent my time on the floor instead of the stage. The stage seemed far away from everyone. I did a head count of the students but I can't remember now. 12 or so?

Library stage backdrop

This would be where I talk in detail about class but I'm never satisfied with how I teach. I think it is because, despite my notes and prep, I blank out on certain topics and feel flustered. Which is ironic. Dance Easy. Teach Hard. The students were satisfied though. That's the important part.

We worked for 2hrs before breaking for lunch. We went to the Pontiac Coffee House where I had a club sandwich and a "Peachy Keeno", a banana and peach smoothie suggested by my host Anala. We stopped by the Security Bank to set up tables and chairs for the hafla followed by a trip to the Shiloh Museum with Anala and her husband. Then we made a quick trip to a local dance supply shop for browsing.

Stuffed "Pilgrim" prairie dog at Shiloh Museum

Raqs Akia's first hafla was super fun. They had a very well planned pot luck with everything from cider to kabobs to baklava. Many people donated door prizes and names where drawn throughout the evening. We played "Who Am I?", a party game where you have a famous name taped to your back and you have to ask yes or no questions to figure out "who you are." We also played "Teacher Says", a version of Simon Says only with bellydance moves.

Who am I? I'm Xena Warrior Princess!

Raks Akia

First Solo

Rompi Rompi

Tiny Dancer

Your's turely

All smiles

Thanks to whoever grabbed my camera and took some shots of me dancing. I don't remember who took them now. I also don't remember smiling much when I was dancing. I think my poor coffee planning allowed fatigue to kick in about this point.

All in all, I had a great time even with the drive home through a ridiculous rain storm. I made out like a bandit too. I receive a thank you gift, won a door prize, and 3 awesome meals (including a kick-ass pomegranate martini made by Anala's husband.) I look forward to my next trip down. I plan on loading the car up with some of the Springfield gals and we will all have a big rocking bellydance hafla.



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