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The Naima Exchange

(Non-profit classes with Naima)

So, I really miss going to workshops and shows as often as I used to (4-5/yr down to 1/yr), meeting new dancers, and seeing the gambit of BD performances, costumes, and culture. I always come away from those events inspired and buzzing with new ideas and excitement for the dance.

After thinking about it for a while now, I am interested in trading/teaching a class for the opportunity of meeting new people and traveling. Instead of your group spending a lot of additional money to take extra classes or workshops, I will come to you and teach a non-profit class (for free) similar to your weekly classes but for an extended time, and I will share as much as I can and all I've learned over the years, in exchange for your hospitality and bellydance camaraderie.

Here are the details I have decided upon.

What you get

  • 2 hour minimum class (or longer if we choose) of technique, drills, theory, etc.

  • I will perform in costume for your group – but you have to dance for me too ;)

  • You may coordinate your class date with a student showcase or hafla and I will dance there, but remember this is non-profit, so no big show or event with ticket sales, etc. beyond that of a normal student showcase.

  • If a video of any kind is made, with me on it, I get a free copy to do what I want with it.

  • I expect you and your students/troupe mates to share, dance, tell stories, and have fun with me. We can have a “girls night,” hafla, or other fun shenanigans.

  • I will post my adventures with you on my blog with links to your web page or blog.

  • You pay the cost of my travel to you and back, whatever that may be (usually gas money) - plane, train, automobile, donkey, etc.

  • You put me up for the night(s) if necessary. Hotel, guest room, couch, whatever (I am ok with pets.) - 'cause I'm cool like that.

  • You feed me for the length of my stay. I like all food, homemade, $1 menu, or sit down restaurant – 'cause I'm also cool like that.
Class Requirements

  • Minimum number of students 3, maximum 15 (more can be negotiated but lets keep the class size small).

  • Students can be any level/style, but beginners should be familiar with basic moves and preferably have been taking classes for at least a few months.

  • Please no children under 12.

Other Notes

  • At this time, I can book weekends only (Sat-Sun). I can possibly squeeze in a Friday or Monday with enough advanced notice, but no guarantees

  • I may or may not bring a dance friend who will travel with me and participate in the class. This will be arranged separately and of no cost to you.

All of these bullet points are negotiable. Remember, the focus is non-profit and to have fun dancing. If you are interested contact me at with what, when, and where or other questions.


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