Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I stole this idea from the internets

I'm back to work today after having been off work since Oct 23rd. We started off the weekend with a trip to the In-Laws where we were given this compound bow, arrows, and a target as a gift. I shot the thing until my arm wouldn't work any more. It is super fun.

The Husband Person has been sick since Wednesday. He has the full on hacking crud now. Poor guy looks miserable. Our Halloween involved turning out the porch light, watching reruns of South Park in our pjs, and eating all the candy. We did make an appearance at a small costume party on Friday.

I didn't do any house chores but I did paint, bake, and spend quality time with the family. I also got some costuming work done. I've made a belt pattern from my best fitting favorite blue costume belt (shown in the upper left) and I've reinforced some bra cups ready to be covered with material from this post. I've dug out and started practicing an old choreo for the hafla in Springdale, AR. on the 14th. I'm looking forward to the trip.


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