Friday, September 04, 2009

Crafty Bits

(the green smears are my left over sketch marks for symmetry)

I did some mehndi on a mutual friend last night. It took me about 1 1/2 hour from set up, work, to clean up. Not bad for a novice. The design is a mix of free patterns from the internet with some of my own doodles to bring it all together.

I use Henna Caravan products. I used their pre-mixed paste for this. Two month old mix actually. This henna was bought right before the 4th of July, used, and then the leftover was stored in my freezer until last night. I have used their powdered henna and mixed it myself. It is also excellent quality. The henna stains usually last around 3 weeks on us pale white mid-western gals.

The Henna Page - Everything you ever need to know about henna and mehndi.
Henna Caravan - My favorite henna vendor.

I found 4yds of this, the most awesomest pink metallic lame fabric last weekend. This was not the droid I was looking for but I bought it anyway with my mom's discount. It must sit on a shelf for a bit until other projects are finished.

I've also been playing with polymer clay. I made the above skull beads from this pattern. Mine aren't as cute. Nor do they have the eyeballs.

This was an experiment with how small and detailed I could be. Not too bad for a first try but I've managed to break some of the detail off the outer edge. It's ok though. I meant to beat on it and see how hard it would be to break once I was done.


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Carly said... that clay like the clay you used to do stuff with when I was young? I remember us having a tiny bathroom scene made out of clay in the refrigerator for a long time...

I think your skulls are cute, actually. :)