Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artist's Way week one review

Naima standing Here. pic by Jman

All ideas intensified
All projects moved forward
Discovering new music and old happiness-es
Not noticing I haven't eaten in hours
and DA....MN, I'm fabulous!

I haven't finished reading chapter 2 but I predict over-coming hurdles, fighting monsters, planting flowers on a dead past.



Now listening:
"Oh, the pheonix says
Burn for me
The Devil says
Lie for me
The serpent says
Beg for me
The siren says
Die for me"
~ IAMX - Song of Imaginary Beings (omg! thx to Jolie. Just what I needed!)
Mood: chicken salad and sweet tea

1 comment:

Melody said...

Our other halfs are going to have to start a support group! I've been so hyper Kevin says I can't seem to hold still.
This thing is awe...some.

Okay maybe I do see the whole cult thing now. :D