Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's Not My Name

Yep, that's my name...on my ass.

*UPDATE* 05/14/09
I forgot to mention, the two Red Hat ladies stopped me and said they liked the "That's Not" number. Props from the Red Hat's, go me!

Four of us ran to Walmart between the workshop and show where I bought a piece of white felt for 32 cents. We cut out and whip stitched "NAIMA" to the workout pants I wore during the workshop for my "non-traditional" drum solo. I don't have any pics of the first piece I did yet. This pic from Mouse's space. For some reason my legs look creepily short here. And that's a string of pearls dangling around my leg.

I've never heard such a loud cheer at the sight of my ass.

Now for your listening pleasure, The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name


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Melody said...

I would have to say your name on your butt is heroic!

The Pale Lady said...

Ha! Thats great, well at least everyone will remember your name.

Najla said...

OMG...I always joke about how belly dancers put sequins, coins and beads on our butts just to get extra attention, but our fabulous.

Now I'm wanting to do a pair just for me. Thank goodness I have a short name :-)

Crystal said...

Saw your twitter (I can' make myself say "tweet") about watching vampire movies... You now need to go to and download the one for Twilight, and THEN watch it.