Monday, May 18, 2009

Silver with Gold Bedlah

After much study of my Neckelmann's bedlah and the discovery of a bra almost identical to the Neckelmann's, I decided to suck it up and bead my own version in silver with gold accents. I've been telling myself for a long time I need a silver set, especially with as much wear and tear as I have put on my gold set. Not to mention the convenient 50% bead sale at Hobby Lobby this past week. And really, beading isn't hard. It is just RIDICULOUSLY tedious. (The pic above is about 6+ hours of work)

I should also mention, I am not really interested in a "professional" grade beaded costume. I just need a good work horse if you know what I mean. So my lack of beading experience can be overlooked as long as my mistakes are well hidden by the sparkle of all those sequins.

For the belt, I have an old silver belt with a side closure and straight cut front that I never wear because it looks like poo on my short-waisted torso. It also has no matching bra. I've been sitting on it for about 4 years. So, why do I have a belt I never wear? Because I got it for $17 on ebay, that's why.

I was bolstered by Ozma's blog showing how she makes old crap into awesome and I have taken the plunge converting the belt from crappy-to-happy and making it into a V-front with a front medallion closure.

I seam ripped the bead work out where I want to cut the belt.

AHHH, I did it! I cut all the way through the middle of the belt.

I used masking tape on the raw edges to keep the current bead work in place while I man-handle the belt for fitting purposes.

Next, I lined up the edges of the old side closure flat and whip stitched them together.

The new side seam with some missing sequins yet to be replaced.

Then I cut a fan shape out of felt for a front closure medallion to pull the bra design down to the belt. I know you can't see it well in the picture above but the gold areas on the bra are fan shaped. BTW, those weird silver squares on the medallion are buttons I found on a shirt in my fabric box. FTW!


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Melody said...

Holy Poop! That is awesome! the bead work looks good. I am sure you know every missed stitch. But no one else will.
You are far more patient than I!

Lucinda said...

Dido to what Mel said.

And I hear you on the tediousness of the beading! Crazy Awesome!

someone's mom said...

Just remember, what can't be seen on a horse at a gallup does not count.

The Pale Lady said...

Hey this is great! I love creative costuming. The play by play was especially cool, cause I'm a nerd and like that sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

belly dance customs are so gougers!