Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Broken Toe for Love

The Husband Person accidentally kicked a monitor on Monday and hurt his pinkie toe. After a day of not being able to stand on it, using an office chair as a toboggan around the house, and much deliberation (including the fact that he put the toe "back in place" after he kicked it) we went to Urgent Care after I got off work yesterday.

He used me as a crutch until we got to the UC and a security guard made him sit in a wheel chair. After an x-ray, much fidgeting, and waiting the doctor confirmed a diagonally broken pinkie toe (which the Husband Person successfully put back in to place right after the injury.)

So, 4 weeks of sexy "buddy taping" it to the next toe for support, hard sole shoes, and ibuprofen.

His story is he was on his way to tell me he loved me when he stubbed it. My story is he has monkey toes (literally as long as my little fingers) which he is always stubbing and breaking your toe does NOT get you nookie...but I did take him to Sonic for a chocolate shake afterward.

BTW, if you've never broken a toe, he says the closest thing it feels like is a "broken toe". So now you know.



Dina said...

man he does have some long freakin toes

Naima said...

Like for real! His second toe is as long as my pinkie finger.

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