Thursday, February 26, 2009

$2.40 = BD Skirt

Digging through box o'junk and found a remnant from 04/09/05 (almost 4yrs old) in an awesome orangey red that matches my new coin stuff. And it's shiney! If this keeps up I will have a closet full of red costumes. =)

This is why you buy and horde stuff you don't need. So you can make economic recession costumes. I should start a BD clothing line called that.

Economic Recession by Naima - Cheap, Chic, and may or may not contain recycled Walmart bags

Taking old crummy bra and reworking it into costume bra. I hate working on the bra.

Naima's random BD thoughts for today:

Greek Night is in just over a week, YIKES!

I have to start working NOW if I want to have a number ready by May for Princess workshop, Double YIKES!

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Amulya said...

I'm curios what it's going to look like! Keep on posting on the progress :-)