Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bellydance Simplicity

Jman sent me links to Simplicity's "Belly Dancing Costumes". While the promo pics are pretty cheesy, the patterns aren't too bad. Especially, nice if you are doing troupe costuming on the cheap because of the multiple sizing. Click on the "Front Back View" of the patterns' menu for details of everything the patterns include.

Misses Belly Dance Costume

Misses Folkloric Belly Dancing Costumes


mood: Mos Burger - the burger of choice after the Husband Person proposed to me under Tokyo Tower. Jman knows, he was there. Mmmmm... Mos Burger....

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Sydney Hell said...

have the second one, the folk/tribal looking one. I haven't had the chance to cut it out and start a project, but I'm excited!