Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weird Dream #2

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So, I don't know if there is something in the stars or it's the over abundance of corn I've been eating, but I had another weird dream. This time it wasn't during the foggy haze of being half awake half asleep because Beebin was laying on my head trying to wake me up to feed him.

Anyway, here it goes.

I am somewhere I've never been before (in the real world), not even sure if it is a real place. The dream flows very chronologically and doesn't have weird dream stuff in it (like Grizzly Bears knocking on doors).

I have on blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I am by myself in a radio booth looking out over something like a campus with a big yard and tall squaty buildings around it. I am operating the radio sending out messages on where the last few shelters are before "it" happens. I'm not sure what "it" is but I know it is something along the lines of bombs or apocalypse or something very VERY not good.

So, I continue to do this as it gets closer and closer to the time that "it" is going to happen. I look out across the campus at the buildings far away where the last two shelters are. I remember one of them was called something something P-4. I broadcast up to the last ten minutes or so then take off running across the yard to something something P-4. The sky is grey, no one is around, and it is very quite like before a tornado hits. I remember seeing the grass under my feet as I ran thinking how surreal it was that this was what I was focusing on at possibly the end of all things. I felt my body start to slow and wondered if I had waited too long to make such a long run to the shelter.

I finally make it to something something P-4 and walk through a big door into a warehouse. It is dark and cavernous. I begin to panic realizing I don't know where to find the shelter space and hoping it isn't closed off. I can't see a clock. I don't know how much time I have. I hear a generator noise coming from a large hatch in the ground. I run to it and climb down a black metal ladder into a huge basement area with lots of pipes and foundation walls to hold up such a big building. There are 3 people, each in a wheelchair, at the base of the ladder. I ask them where the shelter is and they point to a distance in the corner. (Ok, I guess the 3 wheelchair people are odd, but they still aren't Grizzly Bears).

I run there and I am met in a hallway by a woman. I can hear and see people in the rooms behind her. She greets me and says that it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I say that if I make it through the night, rain would be a welcome thing and the least of my worries. So looks at me funny as if that wasn't the right kind of answer for chit chat about the weather. She leads me into a dark grungy room with low ceilings. There are white plastic tables and chairs set up like you see in a church's mess hall. There are people sitting and standing. Some of them eating. They all seem fairly calm. I think to myself there are so few people for so many empty chairs.

The woman grabs a paper plate and sets it down at the last empty seat at a table (and here's how I tie it into BD) with a bunch of my dance friends (I don't remember now who they all where). Sa'dia is there and points across the table at Gita and says, "She called (name of someone famous I can't remember) and told him he's 'Mother F*cking awesome!'" Gita looks at me and says, "He didn't even laugh at me."

As I go to sit down at the table I think I guess he would be flattered to be told that before the end. To be appreciated.

And then I woke up.

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