Friday, May 09, 2008

Reason 532 to listen to Naima

mood: fish sticks and ketchup

I've always had this personal rule about buying matching undies or dance bloomers for every costume I have. It is just in good taste, really, that your underwear match your costume.

I have now amended that rule to include a bra.


It doesn't matter if you have something akin to a fringe scarf tied around your bosom. You must wear a bra.


No excuses.

Hell, even strippers at least start off with one. I really feel for the poor bride. I'd of covered my face too. Someone buy that woman a bra! And a hair piece that doesn't look like a dead animal.



Natalia said...


I once saw at a hafla a woman dancing in a group. She was wearing a leotard that matched her skin tone, and a hip scarf draped across her chest. Although she was technically covered, the effect was just too sugestive.

The clip you posted, however, his heinous! That poor bride!

Naima said...

Hey, just like the in the Star Wars movie. They taped down Princess Leah.

"There's no flapping in the Empire."

There should be none in BD either.