Thursday, April 24, 2008

Springtime Rue!

My cat could eat your children

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Rupert, our big cat finally got a hair cut yesterday. Rupert weighs around 24lbs (give or take) and grows a 4-6" coat of hair through the winter. Come springtime, he gets pretty hot not to mention, being so big with so much hair makes it very difficult for him to clean himself.

Uncle Jman swung by and gave him a shave. We call him Piggy-Rue now. You'd think being shaved almost bare would make him unhappy but he prances around purring and showing off and cleaning himself. He is more energetic and quite happy.

We were joking that you can't really tell just HOW BIG he is in pictures. Placing a quarter next to him would be kind of ridiculous. Maybe a gallon of milk.


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