Thursday, February 07, 2008

Music for Naima workshop

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Here is a link to the music I will be teaching choreography to in May. Maharet is going to try and have some available to purchase but here is the link for those who want t head start.

Faten Salama's Best of Egyptian Dance 2005

Also, Greek Night is March 15th not 14th. Thanks Jemina for catching my typo. My calendar is updated.

I have taken up crocheting as a new hobby. I have made a few things and I want to post my projects, including zill muffs! I have to steal the camera back from my husband first.

I also have my Valentine's dress finished for the La Sanguine IV - Voltaire show. I am excited.
Here are some things I will be attending this next week.


Thursday Feb 14th - Voltaire

Friday Feb 15th & Saturday Feb 16th - [not].Con Gaming

Sunday Feb 17th - Gaming / LARP

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