Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crochet Zill Muffs

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With my renewed interest in crochet I dug around until I found this pattern for zill muffs on shira.net.

I don't yet have the skills to make these. They are a little fancy. I have however made a pair of muffs that cover the whole zill. They almost completely muff the sound and protect them from my greasy finger prints. I have to make the other pair and take pics.

I actually really really like crocheting even though it aggravates my right wrist. I suspect I have a bit of carpel tunnel from the past 7 years of having a desk job.I think my next BD project will be some Barefoot Sandals, or something similar. When I get good enough, I will have mom show me how to crochet the fringe you see on hip scarves like this.


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