Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Hi all, I wanted to let you know that I am working on some video clips that break down the common shimmies out there, their differences, and basic how to.

It will be like Naima's shimmy cliff notes! Not the book on shimmies but it will give you the gist.

Shimmies to look forward to:
Basic Shimmy
Straight-legged/Egyptian Shimmy
Twisting Shimmy
3/4 Shimmy
Umi/Omi (aka Tahitian Shimmy)
Glute Shimmy (I suck at this one)
Choo Choo Shimmy
Rhonda Kamel Shimmy (saw her do it once, don't know what else to call it)

...and whatever else I can think up. I plan on filming these together and then breaking them up into digestible segments to post here.

'Cause I figure, if I can't go out and take workshops and such to learn new stuff, I should pass on what I have already learned. (Thanks to Ananya for letting me bounce my ideas off her.)

I also got off my butt and updated my profile. I don't go out there very often. Once every few weeks maybe. But if you are out there and want to link up, now you know where to find me. =)


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Daniela said...

So, how are the shimmies going? Shimmy stupid people like me need help with their shimmies too, y'know? Geesh! *giggles* Just giving you a friendly nudge :D