Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bellydance in Japan

*UPDATE* 12/12/07
I found this word AMERIKANTORAIBARU on a Japanese Dance studio site for an American Tribal class. Sound it out...American Tribal. How cool is that?

Here is also a link to another Japanese dance company. Looks to have a much more Classical Raks Sharki influence. www.dancearab.com

The more link hopping I do the more neat stuff I find.

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Two of my favorite-ist things (yes, that's a word) Bellydance AND Japan!

And for variety... a video of Sarashukra another Tribal Troupe

Got more Japanese Bellydance links? Post them in the comments.


FYI: for pages not in English, you can paste the web page's address in a Google search. When it lists the link in the search there will also be a "translate this" link. Click it and it will give you a translated, albeit messy, page to view.

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misato said...

thank you for introducing my video!
i'm a misao of sarashukra from Tokyo:)