Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Posse Bonus

"Naima freezing her but off in the rain, in a rowboat" pic by Jman 2006 Ueno, Tokyo
Naima on tribe.net
Naima on Twitter

I started bellydancing in 2000 after watching a movie that featured not bellydance, but Indian/Hindi dance. I began to research dance online and stumbled across the catch-all phrase of bellydance, or belly dance, or Raqs Sharki, or Oriental Dance, or whatever you'd like to call it, (no one's keeping track right?) And as they say, "The rest is history." I have studied with many teachers and many styles, but I prefer to be called an "American-style" bellydancer. I am NOT an expert in any bellydance related subject, and I always try to respect each style and the scholars thereof in their pursuit of accuracy. Summed up, bellydance makes me happy in all of its many forms. View my Blogger profile here.

Here is some super facinating Naima trivia:

  • Bellydancer since Jan. 2000

  • 5' 3" - a good day

  • Dyes her hair but it is all real, no extensions

  • Real boobs too. TMI, LOL

  • Lives in Missouri, USA

  • Self-proclaimed goof ball

  • Wakes up grumpy

  • Stays grumpy most of the day

  • LOVES food

  • Expert on personal opinion

  • Is a Desk Jockey

  • Married

  • Favorite place to travel - Japan

  • Was a Girl Scout

  • Likes bad jokes and heavy sarcasm

  • Past-times include sitting on rear, sleeping, eating, listening to music, reading, surfing the net, and Bellydancing (She is so cultured!)

  • Can cuss like a sailor that only knows 5 cuss words

  • Little bit of a Goth girl

  • Prefers Aquafina and Sony products

  • Dislikes reality TV

  • Cat person

  • Doesn't like when people touch her nose <-will seriously freak out!

  • Bad speller

  • Enjoys checking the mail

  • Over 30

  • LOVES food - I know, said that already

  • And now bonus pics I took while playing around with my camera settings. I call this, "Things Naima sees everyday."

    My little helper, Sanchez (AKA Beebin)

    My other helper, Rupert
    The front porch and the 1971 Pontiac Lemans

    My backyard
    My little helper, Beebin, helping me take pics out the back door.

    A lunch of tasty ramen on my work desk.
    I decided I was no longer in the mood for ramen and fixed Cocoa Pebbles instead.

    The stacks of CDs on my work desk for my listening pleasure. Front stack is BD music, the back stack is "other".

    The refridgerator, a temple for all things tasty.A catnip plant on the window sill in the kitchen. Helpers get treats!

    I hope you enjoyed this random tour into Naima-land. I am off to bed.



    vijay vaswani said...

    Hey, its Vijay, how are you doing?
    I was just randomly surfing the web, and came accross my dance in your blog-thats so kool...I am glad to know that there are people out there that appreciate my passion, dancing. Also, soon I will be posting a vid of myself on another tv show, but I will be singing...
    Hope all is well,

    musicforkids.com said...

    Hi Naima,
    I noticed in your tribute vids to Bert Balladine you say "was". Did he pass away?

    Naima said...

    I did not make the Bert Balladine videos. I only posted them. I also did not mention "was" in my written post. To my knowledge Bert is alive and well somewhere in California.
    You should look up the vids in Youtube where they are published and ask the publisher for more details.

    Vijay Vaswani said...

    Hi Naima, I forgot to send you the "singing" vid-tv show I did. here is the link...enjoy


    Layali Al Shark said...

    greettgs from El Salvador!!

    Doug said...

    Hi Naima,

    Great site! I couldn't find a contact link though. We recently had a nice photoshoot with our Belly Dancers, and I wanted to send you the pics to see. Email me when you get a chance. :)