Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Local Update

Now playing: the Cure – Japanese Whispers
Mood: baklava cheesecake <- Yes, this really exists! So, I have decided not to perform at the Hips Noir show in 2 weeks. I am somewhat disappointed but truth be told, I’m just not prepared. Normally, I would just pick a song and ad lib, but this is a fusion show and I am not well versed in fusion enough to just wing it. I have done zero work on the choreography I picked out and zero sewing for the costume. I think it best I sit this one out even though I have been looking forward to it for the past 6months or so. Greek night was bumped to Nov. 3rd which I previously mentioned. It looks like I should be able to make this one. We do really need another warm body ready incase one of us can’t make a GN so Dani will be dancing with us in group numbers instead of throwing her to the wolves like originally planned. I am going to try to sneak some time for Light the Night. The walk is the 6th in Springfield, MO. I am going to take my camcorder to film some of my dance friends performing for the pre-party and then, time permitting, walk the short mile with them. This will be the 4th year bellydancers have walked since Jasara passed away.

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