Friday, June 29, 2007


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I am feeling oddly attentive today. Got some extra sleep in. That helped.
So! Henna and US Midwest culture…Don’t really know what to think of one another. I have been getting 2 reactions to my henna as of late.
Young 20-something males that tell me my “hand tattoo” is cool, HUH HUH, HUHUHUHUH…
Business professionals (like bankers, city clerks, and other court house slaves,) with sideways, cock-eyed, glances obviously not looking at it as I fill out important documents to be filed and notarized. OBVIOUSLY
However, once both of these groups see my unshaven, greasy, manual labor tired husband wearing soccer cleats (don’t ask,) they both kinda pinch up their mouths like a sideways letter “s” and sort of squint their eyes in that, “Uh Huh” kind of way.
(**~ )
But for entirely different reasons.
My palm is already starting to fade but I haven't taken any precautions to protect it. Still washing my hands, hair, and dishes as usual. The back of my hand darkened a bit more and seems to be holding steady.
Tomorrow night is the Global Dance Collective grand opening. I think I've settled on a song to dance to. Something new. Not that it matters really. I will be amongst friends. I could stand on my head and that would be fine too. Oh! and my week vacation starts today after work! WHOO! I think I will chisel away at somemore back episodes of Shimmycast to make my day go by.
I'm outie


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