Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bellydance Depression

(forgot to post. post dated for 06/26)
Now playing: Raks-I Feyzan 2
Mood: frowny

I’m sitting here frowning at the walls trying to decide what music to dance to this Saturday. All of my music seems old and tired. Not to mention my costumes. Bah! I’ve worn them all a billion times. I think having put my dance aside because of work and finances is starting to make me frowny. I have BDD (Bellydance Depression.) I need like a bellydance shopping spree. New music, new costume, new choreography. ‘Cause I’ve got that feeling you get that can’t be satisfied until you rummage through your closet and try everything on, digging through the dresser drawers looking for that long lost black thing that blends in with all of the other black things in your laundry, (I lost a black silk veil once for two years like that,) and then grumble a lot ‘cause all of your stuff sucks.
Meanwhile, I have a big pile of forms and applications for the business behind me and they are glaring at the back of my head yelling, “IRS!” “Unemployment insurance!” “Payroll!” “Hidden Expenses!”
I could also use a nap. I was at a promotional/birthday after party on Saturday night that I didn’t get out of until around 5am. My sleep schedule is all FUBAR now.

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