Friday, February 09, 2007

Mind on My Money

Thanks to everyone who sent warm wishes and goodies to our family regarding Duke. They were much appreciated.
Laleh and I were chatting the other day about BD workshops. My husband and I are in the process of trying to start a business so my money, time, and other resources are being directed away from BD this year. I got to thinking and realized I went to 6 workshops last year. $$$$$
One of them I didn’t technically pay for but I was also sick during it and just sat on the sidelines hacking into tissues the whole day. There was actually a 7th one I wanted to go to but it was right after our wedding so I thought best to forgo it. I have decided for this year that I want to go to the Jim Boz workshop in Sedalia because it is cheap and close and I very much enjoyed his workshop last year. However, Zahava told me the other day that Fifi Abdo is coming to Dallas in May. %@$%#! We drove down there last year to see Nagwa Fouad, who unfortunately is struggling with health problems making the workshop less than good. I was fairly disappointed with her class but when she preformed that night she really perked up and gave a little bit of herself, figuratively speaking. So the money and time spent on that workshop was more for the, “I was there!” than anything else.
As for the rest of the workshops out there, I will have to make myself pass on them. And of course no new costumes (that I don’t craft myself,) and stay out to the world section of the CD isle in Borders. I have mountains of BD music I should exploit to the fullest.
On a side note, work informed me late this week that our mandatory overtime is going up to 40hrs for the month of Feb. That’s pretty much 50hr work weeks (including this one.) I have been working overtime for a year now.
*sigh* please shoot me…

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