Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's Up With the Sheet?

After an inquiry or two, I figure an explanation for this photo is due. This costume was based on a loose interpretation of Persian head veils and matching pastel gowns (on a budget) for a NoRooz performance. With the exception of 1 half-Persian troupe member, this was us white girls' first exposure to Persian dance. At the time, about 5+ years ago, it was a fun experience and greatly appreciated by the local Persian community (for our interest in their culture.) However, looking back at it now does leave me shaking my head. I still have my nightgown and veil.

Speaking of costuming, I bought a sari skirt and matching top for $10 a few months ago.
I am cutting up the top to make a bra and then will add a belt to the skirt for my next costume. I'm not really a yellow person, but for a bunch of pre-embroidered, lined piece of chiffon for $10 I can make it work!

I am also trying my hand at drawing again. I haven't really drawn anything in over 10 years so it's a slow going process.
I am best at realistic graphite drawing but I've always needed a model or picture to look at. So, I started with an 8x10 dance photo of myself which I am drawing on a 24x36 or so matte board. Not a great drawing surface but I wanted something really big.
I did all of what is seen here in one afternoon. Now it is just sitting until I am in the mood to tackle it again.

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