Friday, January 12, 2007

Bang for Your Buck

How many times have you bought a CD to find there was maybe one danceable song on it? I have a huge, HUGE collection of BD CD's because of this very problem. Here are a few Cd's that I recommend, depending on your style, have the most danceable songs making them worth your hard earned $$.

If you enjoy "classic" Oriental pieces the Oriental Fantasy series by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes are wonderful Cd's. They contain complete dance sets as well as shorter solo pieces perfect for professional or aspiring dancers. I have yet to purchase one of these and be disappointed. They are imported from Germany, so if you run across one at a workshop grab it. Or, you may purchase them (or any of the Cd's listed in this post) from

The Bellydance Superstar series has a nice collection of classic, pop, drum, and fusion pieces all nice 3-5min pieces. These of course are tried and tested by the professionals. The only problem here is their popularity. You may run into another performer at a workshop dancing to your favorite number. I have Vol 1-3 and I understand Vol. 4 is now on the market.

Neena and Veena's Essential Bellydance CD is a perfect intro to bellydance compilation including Egyptian, Lebanese, drum, debke, taxim, etc. Cheap and easy to find. Worth having in your collection.

Bellydance Party is a great CD full of short pieces geared toward the typical "American" performance/function such as a bellygram or restaurant work. The final track is a 2min. Arabic version of "Happy Birthday" sung in English and Arabic that is perfect for parties. There are also drum solos and of course, music for your Isis Wings.

Lastly, there is Heya di Yasmina, Egyptian music used by Yasmina of Cairo. While I haven't danced to ALL of the songs, it has to be the one CD I keep going back to just to listen to it. While probably not a well rounded CD for everyone, this is to date my favorite CD because the good songs are really good songs.

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