Monday, October 07, 2013

DanceTastic: Rick Owens 2014 Spring Summer Fashion show

UPDATE 4/23/14: I found an interview of one of the step dancers from the performance. She talks about her experience and tells us that the dancers were from 4 teams - Soul Steps and Momentum from New York and the Washington Divas and the Zetas who hail from the D.C. area.

Rick Owens 2014 Spring Summer fashion show was a mash-up of fashion and dance. I can imagine these amazing glamazons in a futuristic temple bringing down the moon. All of the moons. From the whole solar system. Unfortunately, I cannot find info on the dancers. Everything I find on the show is about body image, racial and gender stereotypes, etc. No info about the women themselves. Here is a short article About the show.

Here is the show from another view.


PS Their dance sneakers are pimpin.


Anonymous said...

ya!!! i loved this also.

Anonymous said...

ya----loved this also!!

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