Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Middle-East Flavored Karma Police

Tribal Fusion Gold: Radiohead's Karma Police with Middle-Eastern instruments and vocal styling.
Tel Aviv-based musicians Rotem Shefy (vocalist) and Leat Sabbah (cellist/arranger) collaborated to realize an arrangement of Karma Police, a major hit from the alternative rock band Radiohead, third album OK Computer (1997). What seemed at first a satirical cover, it transformed into a full-blown middle-eastern version, recorded with oud player Yaniv Taichmann and percussionist Ori Dekel. Video made possible thanks to the donations we received through a successful Kickstarter campaign! Vocals: Rotem Shefy ( Cello: Leat Sabbah ( Oud: Yaniv Taichman Percussion: Ori Dekel Produced: Rotem Shefy & Leat Sabbah Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Avi Ein Zur


MissJane said...

This is such a cool track, I'll definitely be dancing to this one. And it's available on iTunes, yeaayyy! Thanks so much for sharing this one. x

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