Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alterations for Maharet

There is no way to show how gorgeous the craftsmanship and bead quality is on this bra without actually holding it in your hands. Variegated fringe, stones the size of quarters, rhinestone chain trim everywhere. My photos don't do it justice. Normally I wouldn't gush so much over a simple strap alteration but this costume is just too pretty. I felt a little naughty when I started to cut into it.

Maharet needed to have the back straps extended about 5 inches. I scraped the necklace for matching beads and sequins. I had intended making and beading a new strap. After some study, I realized I could just use the already beaded edges of the necklace with minimal re-beading at the join between the new and old pieces.


The whole picture. 

Heavily detailed bead work. 

A beaded applique design that is repeated throughout the rest of the skirt, headband, and armbands.

 Matching necklace used for parts.
The necklace was lined with the same stretch velvet from the skirt with wrong side of fabric facing out, velvet facing in.

Straps have been cut off the necklace, raw edges taped to prevent bead work from unraveling, silver bead work removed from center of strap.

"New" strap cut down the middle so it can be shortened to match the bra strap width.

New strap sandwiched together with some sturdy whip stitching (on underside,) to match bra strap at top of photo.

New extensions sewn onto ends of side straps. Bead work has been replaced on strap (top of photo,) with lining partially added. Strap at bottom is waiting its turn.

Hooks and lining added.

 The join between the original strap and the extension is practically seamless. I'm feeling a little smug about it.


Kis said...

Love the colour and the fine straps with the triangular section under the cups... So pretty!

Elena said...

Wow!!! Awesome job! The seam is amazing. So pretty!