Saturday, January 05, 2013

Said the Universe

I was approached by Naia of Malaika Dancers about teaching between semesters at her studio, to which I hemmed and hawed without giving her a definite answer. A month or so later Miss Bee of Phenomenon Studios asked me to teach weekly at her studio. I figured they must both be completely desperate or the Universe is trying to tell me something. 

So I took the "should I teach?" question to the Husband Person knowing he is aware that I have become a Bellydance hermit, beading costumes that never seem to get finished, frowning at the calendar whenever a dance opportunity shows up and letting it pass by. He said, "YES," I should teach before I even got the whole question out much less listing my pros and cons. To which I was slightly surprised. I thought for sure he would encourage me to stay home with him and use all my free time to finish Far Cry 3 and XCOM. Instead he told me I need to get involved again or my interest in dance would become jaded and shrivel even more. Well, it was a little more eloquent than that but pretty close. And with encouragement from the third (but most important) person, I took the Universe's hint to begin teaching again.

Funny thing is, I immediately begin appling myself to dance again. I have been doing all kinds of practice, exercises, zills and even veil. I've been organizing my notes, making combos, weekly lesson plans, (I'm even blogging about it.) In general, just being excited about dance. I can see now how dancers cut off from the dance community by distance, time, or money can become apathetic and lean toward dropping it altogether.

I am teaching my first weekly Bellydance class in years at Phenomenon Studios, Studio B, Wednesdays at 7:30pm. I hope to add classes at Malaika in sometime in the spring or early summer.


PS As soon as I post this I am playing Far Cry close to beating it.

Top: Studio B at Phenomenon. Bottom: Naia at Malaika Dancers Studio.


Habiba Dance said...

I find teaching a good way to focus on my own dancing too! x

Kis said...

Sometimes you've just gotta roll with it!