Wednesday, December 26, 2012


This year's Big Show 2012: Dark Phantasma hosted by Phenomenon Studios, themed on The Nightmare Before Christmas, was held at Drury University's Clara Thompson Hall. Our cast spent October through November rehearsing the 18 some odd numbers, (all but 5ish choreo'd by Miss B.) by a great coordination effort and scheduling through Facebook. Some of our super talented dancers designed and painted some really terrific backdrops for the stage. 

I had the great honor of portraying "Oogie Boogie," the best-est villain ever. Actually, I had 3 parts, including a brief stint in Halloween Town and Christmas Town. The huge cast shared practice rooms backstage with each other and handful of pianos. I can now say I've used an upright piano as a dressing table. Despite the cramped backstage everyone did fantastic and I had a wonderful time. I hope to see the show on video some day. What can I say, it was super fun!


 Preparing for Halloween Town in my "dressing room" complete with radiator and upright piano. Not very spacious but hey, at least it had a mirror.

My favorite Christmas Town shot by Bob Ek. Yours truly in the front with white gloves and pigtails.

Oogie terrorizing Sandy Claws, Photo: Charlene Wells

  Oogie's "death scene" after Jack steals Oogie's shutter shades. Photo: Charlene Wells

 Lock, Shock and Barrel drag Oogie away. They actually picked me completely off the ground! Photo: Charlene Wells

 Curtain call. Photo: Charlene Wells

 Promo photos by Maharet and Miss B.


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Looks like you guys had a ball!!!