Monday, October 15, 2012

Sa'dia's Pink Alterations Oct. 2012

 Chunky pink and yellow beads added to fill in gaps.

I recently finished up another alteration project for Sa'dia. She purchased this budget costume online. These imported budget costumes look really pretty but they aren't manufactured in a way that a professional dancer needs. For instance, all of the bead work, fringe included, is done with simple sewing thread. I did not replace it but I am not willing to bet on how long it will last or how easily it will break. The bra straps were thin chiffon ties, like a hip wrap. The bra tied on like a string bikini. I cut them off and used the fabric to make actual straps with hook closures. I did the same for the belt. I also had to add a lining to the bra and the belt. Lastly, the bra cup sizing runs small so I removed the bra's upper edge decoration, extended it, and then filled the gap with additional beads that Sa'dia purchased. The skirt is just as beautiful as in the original photo below. It floats when you move instead of just swaying. However, the fabric is very fine and easily snags. I look forward to her trying it on now the alterations are complete.


 The pink beads I added were so chunky that I covered the visible thread with silver rocaille beads.

 New side strap covered with original fabric and flower details being added.

I added a belt lining to cover the exposed metal.

I created an applique from tie scraps to match the belt design and create a hook closure.

I decided to add some more yellow fringe after I took this picture.

New bra lining.

The new belt closure with the chiffon ties still attached. Those thin ties were all that was originally holding the bra and belt together.

The color is washed out by the flash in this photo.

The original store photo. Notice, you cannot tell that the straps were chiffon ties.

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