Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Alteration

 For Sa'dia this time. This lovely bra is too small in the cup department. She had previously tacked some blue fabric across the top of each cup to cover the goods. It was finally time to put a proper extension in.

 I ripped the fabric out Sa'dia had added, washed, and dried it. I had just cut up an old sweater to make a mat to go under the cats' food dish. The left over collar was just the right width to stuff the extensions.

 Perfect fit! It was meant to be.

 Behind the curtain. The original lining peeled back to reveal the bead work stitching.

 I wanted to use as much of the fabric Sa'dia used because I didn't have anything to match. I added jewelry wire to the collar before covering it.

 The newly stuffed extension stitched into place. 

I had a hard time trying to match sequins and beads I from my stash. I decided to steal them from the side strap where they wouldn't be missed.

The blue and holographic sequins are from the bra strap. The trim around each leaf and extension is from my stash, as well as the "tea cups" near the center of the bra to mirror the star "tea cups" on the bra cups.

The lining stitched back down covering the raw edge of the extension. (I love the little butterfly beads on the fringe.)

From the top.

And, you're welcome.


Stephanie Ann said...

It's very cute!

Kis said...

Love the bra. That's a cute one.