Sunday, November 06, 2011

Naimaland State of the Union

B.S-C. on the stage at Pythian Castle

Right, so moving to a new house was quite unexpected and even though it only took a week to move my whole life seems to be about a month behind. We left the old house behind at 2am on the night of the Husband Person and my 5 year wedding anniversary. The next weekend I taught and performed at Hips Noir VI. I spent a 1 1/2 weeks driving back and forth to the office until my home office internet was set up. Two weeks later was the workshop and show featuring Sahar Sami. Many of us had the opportunity to dance on the stage at Pythian Castle, which was super cool. The following day was a trip to Joplin for Sahar's Haram production. Oh, and I modeled in a recent photo shoot. Busy busy month.

Stephanie N. at Pythian Castle (she made her costume)

Behind the scenes at Pythian

Dancers' lounge at Pythian Castle

Father - Daughter Zeibekiko

A ridiculously huge mirror in Pythian Castle

Dancers pose for photos after the Haram show

Me with Stephanie N. as "the Bride" from the Haram show

KC, Miss B, Patsy B, and me after the Haram show

Boober crashed out after his last round of shots for the year.

A rare sight, Rupert and Boober make nice. 

Beebin taking respite in my new office.

A never-ending procession of stuff to unpack.

Looking for the Sew Along bra in the Craft/Dance/Guest Room, aka "The Blue Room"

My current goal is to get back into the Sew Along and have the bra finished by Thanksgiving. I have located everything I need to pick up where I left off. I did get sidetracked with another costume while looking for the Sew Along items because it too is very close to being completed. I also have to refit some costumes before next Saturday's Greek Night. None of my costumes fit properly, yet again. This time because of getting in shape and not from gaining weight. I am seriously thinking about selling Hopes and Dreams and the Glitter Dot costumes despite the work I recently put into them. They are too big and I think I would rather sell them to someone who needs them instead of ripping them apart to refit.

Everyone dig out your sewing projects and keep an eye out for the next Sew Along post in the next week or so.



Kis said...

Woo! I've finally caught up enough on the sew along that its perfect timing for you to start again! Will upload photos to the group after Wednesday. :)

Looks busy, but like you've had a lot of fun.

imposterpockets said...

I have finished reinforcing the cups. I'm so slow. Tonight I'm going to try to get some side panels on. The sewing machine is waiting for its turn.