Monday, August 15, 2011

Bellydance Tao

I wish I could remember exactly what the "Elvis" is.

When I choose a song for a choreography I literally listen to it for hundreds of hours. Over and over. There have been days that I listen to a song for 8 hours straight on repeat while I work. I sometimes get so caught up in the details of its every little nuance, what movement should go where, how will this translate to the audience, etc. that I begin to hate it. I begin to think my song choice is all wrong. That the audience won't like it. They'll be bored with it. My costume isn't right. I might not do the song justice.

I over analyze. I second guess.

I forget that in reality, the audience will be hearing the song with fresh ears. Seeing me with fresh eyes. I forget that the only way I could ruin their experience is to not dance to the song at all.



Anonymous said... analyze song and write notes down on how to perform? I'm surprised. I'd never figure belly dancers (or any sort of dancer for that matter) would do such a thing.

Well, it definitely shows you are dedicated.

Kis said...

I understand this feeling. This is why I have 5 songs on the run, but none have ever been finished...

Elvis - we use that to describe a shimmied hip-pop side step (which now that I re-read that sentence sounds so much more exciting and complicated than it actually is...).

Lilith Noor said...

Maxwest- that's the essence of a choreography right there, analysing a piece of music and fitting moves, combinations, presentation and 'mood' to suit the piece.

Even dancers who prefer to improvise will know their music inside out in most circumstances, and will know that there's certain points where they can use certain moves to their best effect.

MissBeeBellydancer said...

Well said my friend...