Monday, July 18, 2011

Postcards From Birthweek

Acting our age.

Surprise from the Husband Person


The best "Bellp" Dance Songs I've ever heard.

Personalized hair flowers

"It's chompers had chompers!!"

The Acme Attitude Adjuster

Hooping, I'm sort of addicted.

The best Not-Dancers you'll ever meet.

Earrings. Yeah, they're pretty awesome.


Crazy was not an option.



Alice said...

may I be so free to ask how did the costumes stay in place? :D

Naima said...

@Alice there are clear adjustable halter straps on the bras to the collars. The rhinestones strips are sewn on decoratively.

The Blue Faerie said...

Yay for sewing explosions! I have yarn explosions when I crochet like mad. :P Was that the aftermath from the pink costumes?

Naima said...

@Blue Faerie the lovely Lisa B. (her daughter is on the right) made out costumes. I bought a serger for my birthday & was trying to sort all of my projects and supplies. I of course became side tracked and did crafty things instead of cleaning. Let's NOT talk about my crochet stashes!