Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gold Workhorse Maintenance July 2011

Some pics of my old gold bra I have been slowly rehabbing back to life. You may remember I started ripping it apart and adding cup extensions to it sometime last year. I added about 1.5 inches to the top edge of the bra, repaired the broken fringe, missing sequins, added completely new hooks, shoulder straps and lining, and added some acrylic gem stones for extra bling.

Originally, the bra had looped stomach fringe along with straight fringe on the cups that mimicked the belt fringe. I ripped the straight fringe out years ago because it was too boob-tastic for my liking. I left the looped stomach fringe and sun-catcher stone hanging from the bottom. For the rehab, I have added tear drop gems to mimic the sun-catcher's shape and intend on adding them to the belt at a later date.

Detail of gem stones and new cup extension connected with a new row of silver "Ropes". The new gold sequins are larger and a slightly different color.

Instead of ripping out sequins and imbedding the gem stones I just tacked them on top of the original beadwork. It was actually harder than it looks. The bra is made out of something akin to titanium and almost impossible to poke a needle through. We will see how long the gems last floating on the surface.

 Back hooks and broken sequins replaced. Fresh new lining, Hooray!

The old straps and left over bra fringe from the original purchase are transformed into matching arm bands.

Gold belt rehab is next. It should not take as long as the bra. Right now, the belt is in one piece and wearable. Having just gotten the bra back together I do not want to take the belt apart. I have missed wearing this set.


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Anonymous said...

Lovely---this reminds me to move the hooks on one of my bras.


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