Tuesday, June 07, 2011

March Through June

Theater Techniques for Dancers with Jon Herbert

Bhangra with Mouse

Stretching out before Jim Boz workshop.

Pre-show wearing a borrowed, "I love cowboys!" t-shirt.

Am I throwing the veil or is it being delivered from Heaven? "Do you have any sandwiches up there?"

Veil Technique with Naia



Carly said...

Your caboodle in that photo made me think that the other day I had to explain to Holly the awesome that is the caboodle after we found one at a yard sale. lol.

Naima said...

@Carly that is an authentic late 80s Caboodle with a personalized name plate that fits on top. I still have my blue one too.

Anonymous said...

Your dark red outfit really stands out against that pale background.