Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bellydance Hoop Fusion

A video of Unity performing a fusion of Bellydance and Hooping. This is very much a Bellydance focused performance using the hoop as you would any other prop. Thumbs up for dancing with live musicians.

Another BellyHoop Fusion performance by Adelaide. At first, I saw mostly great Hooping with a couple of Bellydance moves thrown into the mix. But once I mentally removed the hoop, put her in a big flowy skirt and looked at it through Gypsy/Rom glasses I saw more Bellydance than at first glance. The big movements, sassy turns and kicks are there. Even a little hair tossing. The music choice is pretty obvious too. I like watching how captivated the audience is sitting in the background.



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Anonymous said...

That beautiful lady is quite handy with that hoop. The way she moves it around with her hands and fingers is nearly flawless.

This is the first time I've seen a hoop used in belly dance; I'm used to seeing other props like swords, finger cymbals, and tamborines.