Monday, April 11, 2011

Sage Applique 2.0

Greek Night wearing Sage Applique v1.0

When I was new to Bellydance I bought a used homemade costume at a Kansas City bazaar for $110, (2001?) It was a black bra and belt covered with green and iris appliques and tons of fringe. It came with a dark green lace panel skirt, lace gauntlets, some stretch sequin armbands, and head band, and all of the extra bits left over from construction.

The bra and belt base was on very old velvet that had begun to deteriorate and shed. I stripped the appliques and began to redo the bra and belt on new black fabric. Halfway through the process I found this flowy sage material on clearance for $1/yard. The color really made the iris beads pop. So I ripped it apart and remade the costume in sage.

I did not really know what I was doing at the time. The bra was covered with fabric only. No reinforcements, original straps, etc. The belt I made never really fit my hips. I sewed on the appliques and fringe but never went beyond that. There was no trim and large gaps between the appliques. Pretty standard for a beginner costume but it is finally time for an upgrade.

As a general rule, I try to stay far far away from appliques. There is a very fine line between an awesome applique and a 1980's wedding dress. However, the unusual color and profuse amount of appliques I have for this project help keep my on the right side of that line.

 Figuring out the applique layout on the new belt form before covering with fabric. The belt form is multiple layers of felt and I think an old pair of jeans. I have already forgotten.

Covering the new belt with fabric.

Starting to fill in around applique with sequins, beads, and acrylic crystals.

More bead detail.

It already looks completely different from the original black and the original sage. The bra is next.



AllyseFrancis said...

Oh wow! this looks really amazing! I love it so far!

Kis said...

Ooh! Purdy.

Lilith Noor said...

Wow, looking gorgeous!

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