Monday, March 07, 2011

Breakthrought Fusion Competition: Brittney Banaei

Brittney Banaei performing at the 2011 Breakthrough Fusion Competition in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of seeing this choreo in Brittney's living room before the competition. She won 3rd place. To beat this, the gal who one 1st place had to play a trumpet. Literally.


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Anonymous said...

This was a very beautiful dance. The electronic music though is different - I'm used to hearing Arabic or Turkish music for bellydancers. Is electronic music commonly used for fusion styles?

harleygypsy2003 said...

that girl has gifts. great dancer.

Lilith Noor said...

Wow, what a dancer. Her timing is impeccable and her layering is jaw-dropping!

I hope she won't mind me commenting on how positive it is to see a curvy woman performing fusion (and performing to such a high standard). Sometimes it feels like the scene is dominated by Rachel Brice-alikes, so it's really empowering to see someone with a body shape like mine dancing fusion and making it look amazing.

Naima said...

@maxwest music has been running the gammit when it comes to Tribal Fusion recently. Rock, electronic, and other "non-traditional" music is very popular. See This particular competition was about fusing bellydance with another discipline/music/style of dance. There are also multiple styles of fusion depending on the dancer's interest and background.