Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belly Whisperer Interview

Something cool I found online to make with those little gold safety pins we buy to hold costumes together but that never really work.

My interview was posted over at The Belly Whisperer blog over Thanksgiving holiday. If you haven't checked her out, RetroKali posts good stuff and often. There is actually stuff to read there. Unlike here. I gave up on that years ago...the whole using my big-girl words. In sentences no less. I think it is from taking standardized tests as a kid. They were timed and in order to get through the whole test I learned to be a good skim reader. Now reading a paragraph any longer than the one I'm writing now starts to become tedious. I'm getting anxious just thinking about the people who take the time to read all of this. AHHH! It's not stopping. The paragraph is just getting longer...

Ok, really I just try to catch up on blogs during work breaks. Not enough time. I do like books with just words.

And pictures.


Now eating: Chicken curry
mood: west coast swing


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