Thursday, May 20, 2010

BD Vlog: 09 Tray of Fire Prep

Setting up new candles on my balancing tray. I will dance with this on my head with the candles lit at the next Greek Night. My camera battery dies at the end and I had no backup batteries. I decided to post the video anyway.

Pre-light test

I also decided to bust out some of my pro costumes for Greek Night. I normally wear a generic bedlah with random homemade skirts and mix and match costume pieces. This is the 7yr Anniversary so I thought I'd bring it up a notch with the really nice costumes.



RetroKali said...

This was great, thanks!

gypsy said...

hey there, glad u got rash treated,did u find the cause?i hope-i hope,i was curious about dancing with the candles and swords. is there a place u would suggest for beginner-level priced,so i can b like u when i grow up.really enjoy your blog. i am just learning about them,and i have started a blog,gypsy&soupys' harley adventures,check it out,if u have x. my dachy likes to travel with me,on the bike,he is rolling over,and when i practice bd,he looks like he is trying,too.his long,lean little body is built for tribal fusion,who knows,with my great training skills,he could pay my feed bill a you know any bd instructors in tucson,az area,i need to take a few classes. got my bellybutton redone was done wrong 1st, x,so got better jewelry&free redo,love it.can't wait for another blog,keep up the great work,bonne voyage,gypsy

Naima said...

Gypsy you can check Shira's directory for teachers in AZ at
As for beginner swords, there are tons of options online but I suggest buying one at a vendor or workshop that you can physically try out before purchase. Trays are easier to find at thrift stores. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. I recommend Queen of Flowers with Neon for tray basics and practice.

Crystal said...

Am I the only one who got a little worried for you when I thought about the lighter and the hairspray and your head?