Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bule Glitter Dot in the Wings

Well, the "Chingia" starting spreading up my cheek, around my mouth, and down my neck, as well as spread around my wrist and onto the other arm. I went to Urgent Care on Saturday, got a shot of steroids, and a prescription for Prednisone and antihistamines. The doctor diagnosed me with contact dermatitis even though I still don't know what from. I haven't done any yard work and no one I know has anything contagious. So my videos are on hold while I give my face time to heal. Lucky for me I work from home and can spend all day looking like I have face rot. The Husband Person has been singing, "Y o u  a r e  s o  BOOOTY-ful,  t o  MEEEEE!" I just hope I'm cleared up enough by this Friday for my trip to St. Louis with the "Way" Ladies.

Meanwhile, I kept changing my mind about the pink-holo costume color scheme so I set it aside and started work on revamping my first troupe costume in blue glitter dot. I've started a little bead work on the skirt and covered a new set of cups. The idea for this one is to add just a little bling to make it look a bit more modern and less homemade. Here are some action shots of it from a previous post. It never had a fringe belt. That is the silver belt I just got done revamping for the last Greek Night hidden under a matching chunk of fabric so only the fringe would show. Glitter dot fabric is so noisy it is hard to decorate without it getting lost in the shininess or making it noisier. I may add some of the fuchsia beads I bought for pink-holo as a nice contrast. Sky blue and fuchsia are surprisingly complimentary.


Now listening: Muse - The Resistance
mood: being able to sleep on my left side would be nice.

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