Thursday, March 18, 2010

Silver Bedlah Trial Run

I really love this picture by Mom. Although the missing right hand is a bit creepy. Go Greece!

So I squeezed out just enough work to make the silver bedlah wearable. It admittedly still looks like a regular bra with sequins tacked to it, (which it is). I plan on adding to it over time but it worked just fine for the bar/restaurant setting. My next costuming tasks include the alterations to my gold set and starting my metallic pink costume. I found some DD bras at Gordmans, 2 for $10, through a tip from Ananya. At $5 a pop I'll have no trouble cutting them up and making them into real costume bras.

More from March's Greek Night.

Another one for the "mouth-wide-open" archives, by Sa'dia's mom.

These little ladies danced with Sa'dia and helped pick up the money.
Watch out Sa'dia! That hand with money is like a shark lurking in water.

Next Greek Night - May 22, 2010

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