Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gallows: A Chamber Opera (Shameless Plug)

My sister is a grad student at Missouri State and has been writing an opera for the past so many months called Gallows: A Chamber Opera. It will be premiering on campas in the next 2 weeks.

          Friday, April 9 & Saturday, April 10
Contemporary Chamber Opera
Composed by Carly A. Wilburn
Briana Adams (Riley), JT Eberhard (Pilot), Stephanie Miller (Nurse), Kayley Olson (Judith), Chris Stanford (Andy), Vicki Stanley (Nicole) and Amelia Lawson (Understudy)
Screenplay By:
Libretto based on the short story by Melissa Brown
Directed By:
Geo Jones
Produced By:
Carly A. Wilburn
Plot Outline:
Gallows is the story of Riley, a 17 year old girl spiraling downward as she struggles to figure out her place in the world with the help of three people who are figments of her imagination.
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Lucinda said...

which time are you going to see it?

Naima said...

I haven't decided. I may go to both.