Friday, March 26, 2010

BD Vlog 02

Bellydance Vlog 02

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gypsy said...

naima, you seem down. i know cause i been have accomplished a lot n your young life. friends do lose touch once or even more,as we go along our journey,it hurts,to feel blue,but i know we feel for a reason,and this too will pass,and we move on 2 even better lives as a result of bein down.i thought i would never be happy again when i lost my hubby&best friend of 25yrs,but now i c that,he was suffering&now i even c purpose as a result of that loss.If u need to talk or write,let me know,i will give u my email.i am learning so much dance from your site,i really need to learn more,wish there was a group here in area like what you do,i need your instruction& have the same passion 4 dance ,like u,god bless u ,sweetie,n my prayers,gypsy.