Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Music Out the Wa-Zoo

I just finished uploading 140 complete Bellydance, world, and fusion dance albums to an external hard drive for safe keeping. That's 14 albums per year over the past (almost) 10 years. I think Bellydance may have eaten my soul.


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Natalia said...

Heh. I just ordered 13 new CD's since I got back from the workshop this weekend. It's ridiculous. And I know I own CD's that somehow never made it into iTunes. I'll have to count this week, and see how close I get to 140. :)

RetroKali said...

yeah,but how much of it do you actually LIKE? I find myself listening to about 20% of my collection, over and over....

Najla said...


If it's eaten your soul I'm not sure what to say about mine!!! After I bought an IPod a year or so ago, I've only uploaded about 1/2 of my music. I'm already at 300 something albums. And believe it or not, I listen to the majority of them quite frequently between my classes and just regular dancing.