Saturday, November 21, 2009

655 Friends

I received a friend invite from some random guy on This guy has 655 friends, all of which are women.


Not one guy in the bunch. I know, I looked. Ok ladies, you'd think chick #100 would have suspected something pervy but 655?!! Maybe I'm a little 20th century but this kind of creeps me out. Way to go random dude at dupping 655 women into internet stupidity.



Gillimer said...

I frequently get Facebook friend invitations from dancers in other countries who I do not know. The only way I can make sense of it is to assume they are systematically looking up all their friends-of-friends.

As Manager of New York Bellydance Tribe, the only time I asserted my right to delete something involved an "ad" for "one on one tantric instruction for women" from somebody who offered a link to photographs of his ... equipment. I could only think that this was a WEIRD pickup line!

Naima said...

I see why people using the FaceSpaces for business/contact purposes would approve almost anybody as a friend. But I'm not.
And, this request in particular comes from someone with no BD related info nor business. This guy is just looking for "friends". 655 female friends.

I think I would pass on the picture link to the "equipment" too. lol!

Crystal said...

Somewhat unrelated, but do you have Facebook?

Naima said...

I do have a facebook but I keep it hidden away. I'm only friends with people who send me cookies instead of spam.

(I have 4 friends)