Friday, October 16, 2009


The top half of my dance shelf.

I am tackling the never-ending task of organizing my BD stuff. I have the top half of my BD bookcase fairly sorted. It has everything dance related; performance, workout, exercise, patterns, music, choreo notes, some jewelry, props, etc.

Costumes boxed and stored. I keep some of my skirts, veils, and jewelry separate.

I found a box for my canes, sword, yoga mat, camera tripod, paper umbrella, and anything else long and skinny.

I also sorted my notions. I have a drawer of ribbon and cord, one for beads and sequins, one for elastic, straps, hem tape and such, and one for "other". I used empty water bottles to wrap all of the loose ribbon and elastic. I've also sorted the thread spools in my sewing box and found where all of my needles have been hiding.

And just to show my progress, this is the bottom half of the BD shelf full of fabric, patterns, magazines, bead work, and anything else that I could shove in. The rest is in a big pile on the floor.

I am finding uses for old things as I go. Here is a neat link New Uses for Old Things
I am going out of town with my Artist's Way group this weekend. Should be fun!


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Carly said...

I love new uses for old things. Here's a list of 50 uses for old things I found the other day:

I think some of them are doubles, but there are some other ones too.