Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not My Day

Detail from "How to Belly Dance for Your Husband" album cover. That guy looks like Ronald Reagan. Can you say, "bikini wax"?

So yesterday, my day started with finding out Greek Night is THIS Saturday. The first I'd heard of it, but OK. So I have 4 days notice. Not a big deal but the Husband Person and I spent all week getting our trip to the annual Hootin' and Holarin' worked out for Saturday. Now we have to cut it short. Because, quite frankly, I need the money I'll make at Greek Night.

About 2hrs later the power went out. Again not a big deal but I telecommute from home. So I took my lunch early waiting on the power to come back up. I then had to work late in order to make up the time I lost.

Then the soap pump at the kitchen sink quit working and when I took it apart I bent my finger nail back and dropped a piece of the pump down the sink. Now the pump is officially broken and my finger still hurts, particularly while typing.

After dinner I sat down with my silver bedlah to do some beading while watching TV. I had finished the left cup a few days ago and began work on the right cup. About 2 hours into it I realized I had been beading the upper bra design on the bottom of the bra cup...As in I had beaded it completely UPSIDE DOWN!!

After some debate with the Husband Person, we decided the beading looked kinda cool because of the asymetrical turn of the trim on the two cups. So I continued beading, but not before some how snipping the eye of my beading needle in half with my scissors...yeah, I don't know either.

Anyway, I was hoping my next blog post would be about something fun and Bellydancetastic but this is all you get...that and the pic of Ronald Reagan up there.


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RetroKali said...

ouch. that beading thing made me wince...