Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artist's Way week two review

Fun with stick man on my desk

Week 2 has been a very sentimental week. I've been cleaning, rediscovering old things around the house, memories attached. I visited family I haven't seen in years, relived old times. Saw an old friend from high school. I spent 2 nights away from the Husband Person, which I haven't done in...8 months I think. Dug through boxes from junior high and high school full of letters, drawings, and pictures. I've been slowly reliving those times in my head. The good and bad. So, I've been in a hamster wheel of feeling sentimental and melancholy, sentimental and melancholy, over and over, racing to see where I end up.

Now technically week 3, life has also become a daily fortune cookie. Monday night during the cluster, I was pulling on the plastic tab of the spine of my binder compulsively. I pulled it loose, flipped it over, and on the back in my handwriting was written,
"When choosing between two evils, choose the one you haven't tried yet."
I was like, "Wow, thanks for the random fortune cookie."

I didn't get around to reading chapter 3 until Tuesday night while soaking in the tub. The margins of the Artist's Way book are full of quotes that coincide with the chapter. On page 76 the margin says,
"Whenever I have to choose between two evils, I always like to try the one I haven't tried before." - Mae West
Stuff like this has been happening all week. Chapter 3 calls it "synchronicity." Well, I'm rolling in it. I just hope my next surprise isn't a half naked man jumping out of a cake. Not because that would make me blush but the whole jumping out of hidey-holes freaks me out a little.


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The Pale Lady said...

Mae West has some of the best quotes I think.

Jolie said...

I've really wanted to try "The Artist's Way" for a while, you are definitely making it an easy decision. Keep it up, giiiirrrrlll.

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